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Russian Bath

For any Russian man the Russian bath has always been one of the main places for health improvement, rest and relaxation. Despite the fact that every person has a comfortable bathroom, to enjoy sweating in the true Russian bath is considered to be a sign of good manners when a person clears not only the body, but also the soul.

Our two-storey bath is built of natural logs following all old traditions. The roof is covered with ground and leaves, natural moss gathered at bogs is placed between the logs – all these features help to conserve heat. All the building elements are natural, no synthetic parts were used for building. Masonry stoves are made by stove-setters complying with all baths canons and traditions.

The bath has a large rest room, a spacious steam room and a swimming pool.

The staff will help you to fully immerse in the mystery of the bath ritual with observation of all its traditions. The key feature of the Russian bath that has been preserved throughout the years is a wet steam-room with a bath besom and herbal infusions. This is a semi-dark, hot steam-room with a wet and soft air that make any Russian bath so peculiar. Trust the professionals, and specially trained staff will prepare a steam-room following all the necessary rules.

A special bath besom is prepared for baths according to unique old recipes, the same way as our great grandfathers did. Branches for a besom are gathered on the Day of St. John the Baptist because leaves are most strongly attached to a branch during this period of time and thus, at steaming you’ve got more heat from the leaves.

We offer not only birch bath besoms that are the most popular ones but also fir and oak ones for those who like different kinds of steaming.

The bath is open for all guests of the treatment and prevention spa resort by advance reservation. The bath can be heated up any time convenient for you.

The bath can hold up to 12 people.

Have a good rest!

The service is provided by advance reservation and is subject to extra-charge. 

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