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Programme for treating respiratory problems in children

Programme “Treatment of respiratory problems”

ProceduresКоличество процедур
Stay in the room of the chosen category 
Dietetic nutrition “Self-service buffet” 
Medical programme: 
Initial appointment of a pediatrician: 1
Case monitoring by a pediatrician 3
Specialized doctor advice (as per indications)  
Dentist 1
Herbalist 1
Otorhinolaryngologist 1
Diagnostic procedures:8
Common urine test 1
Complete blood count 1
Biochemical blood test 4
Electrocardiography at rest 1
Spirography 1
Health-promoting activities: 
Treatment procedures:115
Mineral water treatment:  
Mineral baths, licorice baths, dry carbonic acid gas baths (as per indications) 6
Circular douche 6
Contrast baths for feet 6
Swimming pool ( 40 minutes) 8
Mud therapy: local applications, electrical muds (as per indications) 6
Inhalations: alkaline, curative, herbal (as per indications) 8
Oxygen cocktail 8
Aerophytotherapy (group 8
Phyto brews 12
Halotherapy 6
Remedial exercises according to disease areas (gym or swimming pool) 8
Classical manual massage no more than 2 units 8
Instrumental physiotherapy, 2 types 12
Procedures in the ORL doctor room, 2 types (as per indications) 5
Aeration of limbs 6
Emergency medication (as per indications) 2
Total except for gym, medication120

Today the issue of treating respiratory diseases in children staying at the spa resort is becoming more and more vital. This is due to the fact spa resort treatment and prevention procedures combined with healthy diets and health-improving climate factors help not only to recover from diseases but also to strengthen the child immunity.

Nature and treatment programme

Such natural factors as the Caucasus Mountains with its pure air and the spa resort pine wood allow the best possible treatment of respiratory diseases in children at the spa resort “Mashuk Aqua-Therm”, while a special health-improving programme developed by a highly-qualified medical staff is based upon cutting edge methods.

Besides, the scheme of the respiratory treatment course for children is determined for each child depending on his/her diagnostic results, results of evaluation by specialized doctors and the pediatrician. Further, treatment measures are prescribed, including:

  • Different baths and mineral water drinking;
  • Mud therapy and inhalations;
  • Swimming pool and remedial exercises;
  • ENT procedures and various therapeutic methods.

Besides, patients are prescribed to take oxygen cocktails, massage and aeration of limbs. Treatment of respiratory problems in children is conducted under a close supervision of a pediatrician while the whole set of measures helps to rehabilitate functions of the child’s respiratory system and to make his/her body more strong and healthy.

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