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Programme “Healthy Kid”

Programme “Healthy Kid”

An efficient health improving programme for children called “Healthy kid” is professionally developed by experts of the spa resort “Mashuk Aqua-Therm” for the smallest guests ages 1-4 years. This period is very important for building and strengthening of the immune system. This is the age when the longevity of a human life is determined.

This particular period is the time when a kid is the most vulnerable to various types of infectious diseases, and this leads to frequent respiratory diseases and, as a consequence, results in general weakening of a child body. That is why a health-improving programme for children is very important even for very small children. Moreover, intense use of medicines to treat frequent colds in children has a negative influence on the kid gastrointestinal tract and triggers different allergies.

Besides, unfavorable environmental conditions and unhealthy diet undermine health of the younger generation since the early age. All these negative factors hinder the process of a child physical development while frequent colds deprive a child of the pleasure of interaction with other children in groups. To make this programme as efficient as possible, our specialists try to individually approach every child taking into account its physiological indicators and development peculiarities.

Comfort and treatment

Before prescribing any health improving programme course, a meticulous diagnostics is conducted to identify the main reasons of the child organism weakening and to find out associated changes of vitally important functions. Such an approach allows for prescribing an individual programme to each patient to cover necessary treatment and preventive procedures.

The spa resort “Mashuk Aqua-Therm” is famous for a number of factors facilitates a successful health-improving programme implementation for each child:

  • Unique climate with a pure mountain air and a unique Southern nature;
  • Innovative treatment base and a professional team of health workers;
  • Availability of curative Tambukan muds and the mineral water from the Slavyanovskiy source;
  • Comfortable accommodation with a possibility to choose an acceptable room category. 

Besides, a variety of diets combined with the climatotherapy and exciting walks in the well-groomed spa resort territory significantly enhance and consolidate the beneficial effect of treatment procedures that include:

  • Drinking of mineral water, phyto brews and phytobaths;
  • Instrumental physiotherapy and halotherapy;
  • Various inhalations and ultraviolet irradiation heating of palms and feet;
  • Application of a classical manual massage to prevent spine scoliosis.

Health resorts for small children are well combined in our spa resort with the health improving programme for their parents which enables the whole family to improve the health. A high level of organization of the entertaining infrastructure will help both adults and children to enjoy their free time. Besides, children are treated under a continuous monitoring of an expertized highly qualified pediatrician; such option provides for an opportunity to correct the chosen prevention and therapy system in an on-going way.

List of services covered by the spa resort voucher programme Number of procedures
Medical programme: 
Initial appointment of a pediatrician: 1
Case monitoring by a pediatrician 2
Diagnostic procedures:2
Common urine test 1
Complete blood count 1
Health-promoting activities: 
Treatment procedures:  46
 Mineral water treatment  
Phytobaths ( silver fir, thyme, lavender – as per indications)  6
Vitamin phytobrew 10
Classical manual massage – general, for children 30 minutes  6
Instrumental physiotherapy, 1 type  6
Halotherapy  6
Inhalations: alkaline, curative, herbal (as per indications)  6
Ultraviolet irradiation ( feet and palms)  4
Emergency medical treatment (as per indications)  
Total:  51

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