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Часто задаваемые вопросы


Good afternoon! What are the diseases for treatment of which it is useful or indicated to drink your mineral water?


Dear Amina, mineral water of the “Zheleznovodsk type” is indicated in case of chronic gastritis with a lowered  secretory function, with a preserved and hypersecretion, gastroduodenitis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, non-infectious colitis, enteritis.
It beneficially influences health if one suffers from such diseases as chronic hepatitises, cholecystitis, cholangitis, cholelithiasis, hepatocirrhosis in its compensation stage, biliary dyskinesia; chronic pancreatitis with a lowered  secretory function; peritoneal adhesions of the abdominal cavity organs, the diseases of urinary tracts and kidneys

Mineral water of the “Zheleznovodsk type” from the Slavyanovskiy source has an explicitly curative effect at the diseases of urinary tracts and kidneys. It reduces the inflammatory process, intensifies urination, relieves spasms of urinary tracts, improves the secretory function of kidneys, facilitates discharge of renal sand and  small stones. 

Mineral water intake is prescribed to our guests that suffer from such diseases as chronic cystitis, trigonitis; chronic prostatitis, chronic vesiculitis (nontuberculous), sexual disorders in men; residual symptoms after acute pyelitis, pyelonephritis; chronic pyelonephritis without explicit arterial hypertension in a compensation stage of a chronic renal disease as well as pyelonephritis of a sole kidney; kidney stone diseases with stones capable of sudden discharge (in kidneys and renal ducts) as well as complicated with the chronic pyelonephritis in remission and latent inflammatory process; the post-operation condition: allogenic renal graft (sole kidney) as well as diseases of the endocrine system  and metabolism disorders

A particular attention is paid to treatment of guests suffering from early stages of diabetes mellitus when patients don’t need to take sugar-lowering medicines and intake of mineral water and diet therapy are more efficient. Hydrocarbonate and sulfate waters influence carbohydrate metabolism regulating the insulin blood activity and intensifying the action of the hexokinase enzyme which facilitates  dextroglucose penetration in the tissues; in its turn, it leads to lowering of hyperglycemia and glycosuria. 

Mineral water of the “Zheleznovodsk type” for intake suffer from diabetes mellitus of type 1 and 2 in mild, moderate and severe forms at stable run of the disease without predisposition to ketosis; exogenetic and constitution obesity of the 1st – 3d degrees; oxaluria, phosphaturia, arthragra and lithic diathesis, co-existing diseases, gynecological diseases, respiratory diseases, ear-nose-throat diseases, locomotor system diseases.
Indications for children in the age of 4-14 years are the same as for adults.

Abdomen diseases: ulcer disease with frequent bleeding.

Kidney stone disease if there are stones which should be removed by surgery.


Good afternoon ! Your spa resort was recommended to me, and I want to have rest and improve my health here. However, I can’t decide what programme to take as I have a whole “range” of problems covered by various treatment options. What is the best thing to do, take a basic voucher and then register for additional procedures or choose one particular programme? At the moment, I have the following confirmed diagnoses - hypertensive disease of the 2nd degree, diabetes mellitus – moderate stage, kidney stone disease, of course, degenerative spine disease and some other slight conditions. Thank you.

Answer from the spa resort Head Physician, Natalia Ivanovna Glukhova

Taking into account your diagnoses and the desire to treat every condition –we recommend you to buy a basic spa resort voucher.


Good afternoon! Please, tell me, what is the minimum age of a child to be admitted for stay at the spa resort?

Answer from the spa resort Head Physician, Natalia Ivanovna Glukhova

We admit children at the age of 0+ for treatment and stay.


Good afternoon, could you please tell whether we need the certificate confirming the epidemiological welfare of the address if we arrive at the spa resort with a 10-year-old child.

Answer from the spa resort Head Physician, Natalia Ivanovna Glukhova

Availability of this certificate is mandatory.



Good afternoon! We ordered the stay at your spa resort and wanted to make a spa resort card. However, different clinics have different requirements. We will appreciate if you enlist the procedures covered by such a card, thank you in advance.

Answer from the spa resort Head Physician, Natalia Ivanovna Glukhova

A spa resort voucher includes the procedures specified in the basic treatment programme.


Good afternoon! Could you please tell me if there is a car parking in the territory of your spa resort?

Answer from a marketing service specialist

Yes, there is one! There is a free guarded car parking at the spa resort. We will be glad to welcome you at “Mashuk Aqua-Therm”!

Valeriya Brodyaeva

Could you please tell what medical documents adults with a child of 7 years shall have for a health-improving stay at the spa resort? 
In case a child stays with his grandparents, should they have any legal documents from the child parents?
Thanks in advance
Best wishes, Valeriya

Answer from the spa resort Head Physician, Natalia Ivanovna Glukhova

Spa resort card, certificate issued by a pediatrician or an epidemiologist proving that a child didn't contact with contagious patients at the place of residence, in the school or in the kindergarten (without this certificate children won’t be able to visit events organized in the children’s room), vaccination certificate

No documents confirming the kinship of grandparents and grandchildren are necessary.

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