Sanatorium complex Mashuk Aqua-Therm
Stavropol region, Zheleznovodsk city
Our benefits
Modern medical equipment
Own pump room with mineral water
Free secure parking
Large private area with a spring lake
Indoor pool and gym
Italian Baths
Tennis court
Cognitive Center
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Our Park

When the park was designed for the spa resort “Mashuk Aqua-Therm”, the climate and soil conditions of the North Caucasus were taken into account. A particular style of the park requires appropriate forms of expression, that’s why we combined two styles in the design: a regular (composition) one which uses straight lines, has a strict symmetry and creates an air of order, stringency and solemnity, and a free landscape style based upon natural forms. Such garden composition elements combine very well. Hedges of some certain shape formed ideal divisions for the garden; such hedges usually consist of one type of plants (European privet, Vanhoutte spirea, boxwood, lilac, border aster). Low hedges (made of border aster) are used for trimming creating a certain order and making other adornment plants look attractive.


Our park has more than 30 pine cultures, more than 150 varieties of deciduous shrubs and trees, various bulbous plants (tulips, crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths, muscari) that astonish by their magnificence. Each park shall be individual, and to make ours unique, we decided to put emphasis on the creation of collections made of irises, roses, day lilies, spireas, different perennials, thus making not a simple park but rather a botanic garden. Due to selection of plants our parks delights the eye of our guests all the year round. Since the first fine days you can enjoy seeing wonderful and astonishing forsythias, mahonias, arrowwood “Boule de Niege”, “Viburnum lantana”, the varietal lilac “Shkolnitsa”, “Mechta”, barberries, bright and attractive ephedra fresh shoots.


Alcoves, arcs decorated with grape vines, climbing roses, wisterias enabled us to create cozy places for our dear guests to have rest. One can be irresistibly impressed by the roses in full bloom: types “Zambra”, “Moulin Rouge”, “Schneewittchen”, “Sangerhausen”, “Grand Gala”, “Motylek”, “Europe”; admire flowering cherry trees (cherry types “Shpanka”, “Podbelskaya”; 7 types of black cherry).


During the spring and autumn seasons the restaurant serves greengrocery, vegetables and fruit cultivated in the resort’s own vegetable garden.

A Catalpa tree with extremely large blossom trusses is the main decoration of the park as nobody is able to stay indifferent to this exotic plant.

We hope that walks in our garden will make you enjoy the natural beauty and harmony, feel natural healing qualities and receive a great burst of energy.


White garden

In the first spring months the guests of the spa resort “Mashuk Aqua-Therm” can expect to see an admirable view as beautiful as the famous Paris park  André Citroën.

The White garden of our spa resort created by a landscape designer Valentina Nikolaevna Labuz and gardeners of the eco-resort “Mashuk Aqua-Therm” naturally complements the cozy arrangement of the resort upper park.

At the soft green background a white garden is marked by delicacy, elegance and exquisiteness. The White garden is called a “moon” garden because in the evenings and at nighttime white flowers look the most spectacular showing up at the dark green background.

White cherry, Catalpa, Vanhoutte spirea, white lilac, mock orange, white roses, tulips, hyacinths, crocuses, yucca, viola, chamomiles, lilies, rhododendrons, magnolias and irises will enchant all the visitors with their scent and beauty.

A white alcove, an arc and white garden furniture will make the White garden unique in its style and fascinating for our guests. 

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