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Health-promoting tours

Health maintenance is one of the most essential issues for every person. No doubt, self-care as well as care of our children and family are the fundamentals of the developed society. It should be stressed that longevity is based on disease prevention. Today a spa resort recreation is believed to be one of the optimum methods for health recovering.

Our offer

We suggest you ordering a health-promoting tour including lots of events for interesting leisure. Preventive and treatment procedures will conveniently fit in the general day schedule. Highly qualified specialists will take care of your health while you entertain, as the variety of amusements will surprise everybody. One can buy a voucher to the spa resort as a present for one’s dearest and nearest. Such present will emphasize your caring and attentive attitude. You can be sure that this present will be useful and unforgettable which is possible due to a great expertize of the spa resort staff and a perfect quality of provided services.

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Advantages of a health-promoting recreation

In a bustle of everyday routine we often forget to take care of our health. When it’s time to have a long-anticipated rest, all of us try to spend this period as good as it gets to have good memories afterwards; however, oftentimes we get back to work being fatigue from our vacancies. At work we don’t have time to think about our health again. If you see yourself in this description, then, you will appreciate all the advantages of treatment and health-promoting tours to Zheleznovodsk.

Combination of pleasant and useful activities. This is the main advantage of health-promoting recreation. Due to the proper work of the spa resort specialists, these procedures will be a harmonious part of your day schedule.
Keeping a regular life. The day regimen at the spa resort is organized in such a way that to let you live a full life without overstressing. All procedures included in the treatment has a long-lasting health-promoting effect.
Opportunity to stay in a calm atmosphere. Absence of tourists creating a usual chaos at other resort, pollution-free areas, wonderful views and a mountainous air will return harmony to your soul.
Financial benefits. Buying a tour that includes health promotion activities, you will automatically have the right to use the service “all inclusive” during all the stay thus not bothering about extra money you need to pay for procedures.

Learn the prices for health-promoting tours here.

The price includes

Prices for health-promoting tours include:

  • Stay in the room;
  • Diet food (self-service buffet);
  • Initial appointment of a specialized doctor;
  • Terrainkur;
  • Climatotherapy;
  • Swimming pool;
  • Mineral water treatment;
  • Visits to the aqua-thermal zone of the medical center;
  • Workout in the gym of the SPA- and sport center.

Should you have any questions concerning the voucher purchase conditions, please, call our specialists by the following number +7 (800) 200-96-95, or request a callback on our website.

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