Sanatorium complex Mashuk Aqua-Therm
Stavropol region, Zheleznovodsk city
Our benefits
Modern medical equipment
Own pump room with mineral water
Free secure parking
Large private area with a spring lake
Indoor pool and gym
Italian Baths
Tennis court
Cognitive Center
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Order a SPA tour

Escape from the city to go on a nature trip, immerse in silence, forget the city rush and dedicate some time to yourself – this is the dream of virtually every person. Due to the constantly speeding pace of life we sometimes don’t have time even to make dinner, let alone to take care about our body and have a good recovering rest. However, this dream can easily come true. You only need to order a spa tour at the spa resort “Mashuk Aqua-Therm”.

Advantages of SPA tours at the spa resort “Mashuk Aqua-Therm”

  • The spa resort “Mashuk Aqua-Therm” offers seven days of rest at the resort area with the favorable climate suitable for everyone. The spa resort is surrounded by the pine wood and has its own mineral water well and two pump room within the territory. An ideally groomed park area, a botanic garden and a small lake where one can bathe, will make the guests admire for their beauty.
  • The spa resort tour incudes a whole set of recreation and cosmetic procedures. Each guest takes a mandatory advice of the therapist and cosmetician who can make corrections to the treatment programme of the basis of the examination information.
  • Specialists of the spa resort take care not only of health but also of safety and comfort of its guests. The territory is guarded day and night, there is a free car parking available for guests.

Procedures included in the treatment and health-promoting SPA tour programme

A set of spa tour procedures provided by the resort “Mashuk Aqua-Therm” is based upon the principles of climatotherapy, Terrainkur, mineral water drinking and use of cosmetic procedures for rejuvenation of one’s body. Its main areas are aerotherapy and heliotherapy. i.e. taking air and sun baths. A air and solar activity influence positively virtually all body systems, but in the first place, decrease oxygen deficiency in the brain and regulate breath. Terrainkur is another method of a spa resort treatment. It involves walking by foot in the open air. Terrainkur paths are laid both through the pine wood and within the territory of the spa resort park area. The duration of walk and its route are chosen by a doctor depending on the physical condition of a patient. Cosmetic procedures include  face cleansing (mechanic or soft one), alginate masks for facial rejuvenation and classic massage. The spa tour includes a whole set of procedures for body care with the use of natural cosmetics Stenders as well as infrared sauna and sessions of instrumental massage. Our guests are welcome to visit a gym and a swimming pool with a small water park. Under the supervision of an experienced trainer all who wish can practice Chi Kung, the Chinese health-promoting gymnastics. The tour stipulates several times of training at the vacuum training device for a general body rejuvenation not only fighting with the problem of cellulitis but also providing skin care and making it elastic and beautiful.

Procedures covered by the cost of a SPA tour

Procedures Special programmes
Treatment programme “Week of Beauty and Health” ( 7 days)
number of procedures
Stay in the room of the chosen category   
Dietetic nutrition “Self-service buffet”   
Medical programme:   
Therapist appointment 2
Cosmetician advice
Health-promoting activities:   
Treatment programme:   
Mineral water treatment   
Cleansing enema
Mineral baths (phytobaths)
Hirudotherapy (1 procedure – 5 leeches)   1
Rectal ozone insufflation
Facial procedures:   
Mechanical/soft face cleansing
Alginate mask
Facial massage (classical)
Intense express care Dr.Grendel
Body procedure:   
Infrared sauna, body cleansing procedure Stenders
Body care procedures Stenders (with rose savor)
Cedar barrel/infrared sauna
Lymph drainage instrumental massage
Swimming pool with some water park elements 5
Gym 5
Vacuum training device
Aqua-Thermal area (sauna, health block – 3h)
Chi Kung
Total for a bed day 7 
Total for 7 days 46

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To buy a spa tour at the spa resort “Mashuk Aqua-Therm” and learn the details, please, just contact one of our consultants using one of the ways specified in the Contacts tab.

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