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Programme “Flu Prevention”

Before and during the season of an increased epidemic risk and cold-related diseases, it is necessary to pay attention to one’s health boosting and preventive anti-viral measures.

Programme objectives

  • A quality and factual diagnostics of the overall health.
  • Health boosting and improvement.
  • Enhancing of resistance to flu and other viruses.
  • Strengthening of overall and local immunity.
  • Teaching the technique of massage of bioactive points for those who wish; this massage enhances the immunity and the vitality.

Advantages of recreation at the spa resort “Mashuk”

Favorable influence of the climate. We invite you to visit a salubrious region with its own history. A beneficial influence of the health center was discovered as early as at the times of Kozakdom while later the military men were sent there for health improvement and rehabilitation. The spa resort has a pine forest, a spring-fed lake and a botanic garden. You will enjoy a clean air and a peaceful view overlooking the Beshtau mountain. While the Central Russia region is covered by winter snows, the temperature in our region is plus 10 degrees centigrade.

Modern methods of diagnostics and treatment. Besides standard tests, to evaluate your state of health, an innovative technology “OMEGA-M” is used. This programme also includes procedures aimed at the strengthening of the antiviral body activity:

  • halotherapy. Due to bactericidal properties of the saline aerosol, it facilitates cleaning of respiratory tracts. As a result, blood circulation is enhanced, toxins are removed and the immunity is strengthened while the risk of virus and infectious diseases is decreased;
  • quartz-tube. Ultraviolet irradiation has an antibacterial and immune boosting effects. Nasal mucous membranes and the back of the throat are exposed to radiation. A quartz tube promotes activation of local immunity and prevents development of such complication as the secondary bacterial infection.

Possibility to learn the massage technique. Learn how to massage bioactive points. You’ll know how to improve an overall health, facilitate the mental activity, enhance the immunity and the body barrier functions working on certain massage areas.

The spa resort programme “Flu prevention” includes a number of epidemic control measures. One of them is provision of each guest with the oxolinic ointment.

Become healthy in comfort!

The spa resort offers 10 categories of rooms, so, you can choose any room you like. Availability of a free Wi-Fi will enable you to get connected with friends and relatives at all hours or to do distance work.

Learn more about the prices here.

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