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Equestrian tour

The biggest happiness lies on the horseback

Ancient Greek saying

Since ancient times horse riding sports has been believed to be extremely useful not only for physical health of a human but also to the emotional health as well. Horseback riding is useful for muscles and the heart while interaction with a horse helps to overcome depressions and gives one a positive state of mind.

Doctors proved that horse rides have positive influence on digestion, blood circulation, the nervous, respiratory and endocrine systems of a human body.

Below is the list of some diseases where horse riding is highly recommended:

Therapy: atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, metabolism disorders, bronchial asthma, vegetovascular dystonia, intestines functional disorders, rectum diseases.

Orthopaedy: recovery of locomotor system functions after traumas and operations.

On average, the horse body temperature is 1.5 degrees higher than the temperature of a human body that’s why muscles are warmed and massaged which improves blood circulation. That’s why horse riding is very efficient in treatment of patients with neurologic symptoms.

Neurology and psychiatry: autism, some forms of schizophrenia, oligophrenia, Down syndrome, disseminated sclerosis, depressions, neurosis, dementia, alcohol and drug addiction.

Gynecology: Horse riding is prescribed for most of chronic gynecological diseases as it promotes blood supply to pelvic organs, strengthens stomach muscles and perineum muscles.

Despite lots of advantages, there are several contraindications for horse riding. Consult a doctor if you’re going to take horse riding.

Well, let’s leave medicine alone. Indeed, interaction with a beautiful, strong and clever animal can bring only joy. Pet a horse, feed it and ride it or just admire it, isn’t it a true happiness?


All guests of the spa resort “Mashuk Aqua-Therm” have such an opportunity!

The spa resort partner is equestrian centre “Derzhava” offers you to take horse riding lessons, horse rides and many other opportunities.

Teaching of horse riding basics is provided by professional certified trainers and organizers of competitions. Lessons are delivered both outside and inside the covered riding hall with quartz sand coating.

The equestrian club manages 25 horses and one pony ready to work with newcomers and professionals. You’ll also find all the necessary equipment to learn horse riding (helmets, riding crops, gaiters).

Eager to try something new, become happier and, probably, change your life? Buy an equestrian tour!  This is a wonderful sport activity and lots of positive emotions.

The tour includes:

5 horse riding lessons with a free transportation to the equestrian club and back to the spa resort by a comfortable car;

3 visits of infrared sauna or cedar barrel (at one’s discretion);

Horse riding course certificate.

The tour price is 6,200 rubles.

One can buy a tour at the SPA of the spa resort. Phone number: 8 (87932) 5-03-61 

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