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Excursions to Chegem Waterfalls

The Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria is famous not only for its ranges of mountains covered with snow but also by grand chines, valleys and picturesque mountainous rivers. The spa resort “Mashuk Aqua-Therm” offers its clients to perceive all the beauty of the Caucasian nature during a long excursion to famous Chegem Waterfalls.

Local peculiarities

Chegem Waterfalls is a natural monument formed as a result of interaction of water and massive rock. They are situated where three confluents – the Adai-Su, the Sakal-Tup and the Kayaarty - join the river Chegem. Over several millennia plain water created a wonderful landscape out of narrow gorges, cascades and channels. Each of these waterfalls has its own unique character. Thus, the most vibrant of them, Adai-Su (“Girl’s Plait”), is a giant channel along which water cascades down from the height of 30 meters. The second waterfall of the group located on the Sakal-Tup is characterized by a milder nature. The most fantastic view the travelers will see at Big Waterfall which is a great cascade complex. Here water splits into several overflowing streams that form a load of tiny drops rainbowy shining in the sun.

Peculiarities of the route

The route of the excursion at Chegem Waterfalls is the following: Pyatigorsk – Baksan – Chegem – settlement Lechinkai – settlement Khushto-Syrt – the gorge of the river Chegem – Chegem Waterfalls – Pyatigorsk. The trip duration is 8 hours, you’ll travel by bus 340 km and further go 8 kilometers by foot enjoying a fantastic beauty of this land.

Brief description of the excursion

During the trip to Chegem Waterfalls you’ll be accompanied by a professional guide. He will tell you about the history of the region, appearance of its unique natural monument and local legends related to it. During the walk you will be able to look at each of the waterfalls at a close distance and take memorable photos of this place. You are welcome in the local cafes to have a calm rest and try the national Caucasian cuisine. During the excursion you will visit a majestic Chegem gorge Вwith Big Waterfalls popularly called Gara-Auzu-Su (“Water from the Vessel Neck”) and will have a chance to go shopping to buy woolen things.

If you want to learn the prices or to order the excursion to Cegem Waterfalls at our spa resort complex, please, contact us by phones: 8 (928) 375-47-07 or 8 (903) 415-72-54.

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