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Tersk horse-breeding farm

Excursion route:   Pyatigorsk – village Inozemtsevo – village of the Tersk horse-breeding farm - Pyatigorsk. 

Travel mode: By bus and by foot.

Distance: by car – 15 km, 

Excursion duration: 4 hours

Elevation changes:  550 - 500 meters above sea level


This excursion familiarizes tourists with the traditions of horse-breeding in the North Caucasus, horse breeds developed in local conditions and on the work of the Tersk horse-breeding farm growing the Arabian horses, thoroughbred horses, used in the global horse-breeding to select new horse breeds.

The name of the farm originated from the name of the horse breed selected on the basis of the Streletskaya and Arabian breeds. This selection was performed by the Tersk horse-breeding farm founded in 1921; this work was finished by the Stavropol stud farm whereas the Tersk farm got back to the previous work for the famous Russian horse breeder, count Sergey Aleksandrovich Stroganov whose stabling were restored upon the initiative of S.M. Budyonny whishing to have a good saddle horse for his cavalry.

Breeding of the Arabian horses brought the international fame to the Tersk horse-breeding farm organizing international public sales on its own show ring. Many Arabian horses bred in the meadows of the Pre-Caucasian plain became the champions of Canada, the USA ad many European countries. Among outstanding horses of the Tersk horse-breeding farm a special place was taken by Asuan – a splendid stallion whose monument is installed in front of the show ring.

A covered show ring is the place where livestock specialists demonstrate their animals to the guests that can hardly stay indifferent to the horses.

A long time ago the Arabian horses were like a magic dream of the hot Arabian Desert. They were like the Bedouins capable of fantastic fantasies. In the East people believed that these horses didn’t have ancestors – they were released from a palm full of wind by Allah. It seems that they sail over emerald meadows raising up plumes with silky short tails. The swan-like neck, graceful movements, light sweeping run enchant a viewer like an illusion born in the heat of the desert burnt by the sun.

Dressage tests at the show ring of the Tersk horse-breeding farm are performed for 1 hour 15 minutes. This short interaction with the world of well-mannered horses can excite even the most reserved observer.

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