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Excursion route:   Pyatigorsk - Nalchik - Elkhotovo - Beslan - Memorial - Grozny - Pyatigorsk.

Travel mode: by bus and by foot

Distance: by car  - 500 km, by foot – 1.5 km

Excursion duration: 14 hours.

Brief description of the excursion: The route of the excursion lies through five constituents of North Caucasian Federal District of Russia – the Stavropol Territory, Kabardino-Balkaria, the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Ingushetia and the Chechen Republic. You’ll not only learn about the Southernmost Federal District of Russia but also about peoples living in the most multinational region of the country. You’ll see that this is the region of varied landscapes, from a plain one which you’ll pass during the largest part of your route to the middle altitude places and high-mountain areas of the Caucasus covered with permanent snows and glaciers.

Virtually the whole history of the North Caucasian cities is interconnected with the history of the Russian settling in this area, and you’ll see the city of Grozny, the city that was re-built. You will learn the history of the fortress Grozny, the city Grozny – a large industrial, cultural and scientific center in 19th – 20th centuries and a reviving city, a modern administrative center of the Chechen Republic.

The excursion around Grozny starts from the visit to the Church of Archangel Michael, further you’ll look at famous skyscrapers of the complex Grozny-City, go to one of the largest European mosque – “The Heart of Chechnya”. You’ll pass in the streets of the city viewing both new buildings and preserved ones. You attention will be definitely drawn to the building of the Lermontov Theatre with his memorial as well as modern retail centers and the Museum of Fashion. However, one of the most resorted places in Grozny is the the Memorial Complex of Glory of Akhmat  Kadyrov. One more site the city is proud of is an up-to-date stadium where not only Republican but also international competitions are held. This is a home stadium of the football club “Terek” – “Akhmat Arena”. Besides, you’ll visit the the Nazran Memorial For The Ingush And Chechen Deportation.

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