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Two-peak lofty Elbrus is a symbol of  the Caucasus, the main summit of this mountain range. The sacral meaning of this peak is reflected in many local legends. The spa resort complex “Mashuk Aqua-Therm” organizes excursions to Elbrus from Zheleznovodsk at the affordable cost with the visits of incredibly beautiful and unforgettable places that will remain memorable for years to come.

Peculiarities of the region

Elbrus is a sleeping volcano with an absolute elevation reaching 5,642 meters; this is the highest peak of Russia and Europe. It is included in the list of the world seven summits with the highest peaks. For a long time this mountain has been famous as a sacral place among local tribes and was regularly mentioned in folk art and traditional beliefs as the place where the spirits and divine beings. The characteristic feature of Elbrus is a snow-covered two-peak summit divided by a flat saddle. Today it is the most popular ski resort, so-called Mecca for climbers and a recreation area. Every year Elbrus is visited by thousands of people to enjoy the magnificent views over the Caucasus Mountains as well as for extreme climbing and down-runs from this lofty summit.

Route details

This excursion lasts 12 hours on the route “Pyatigorsk – Baksan – Tyrnyauz – Elbrus village – Cheget glade – Azau glade – Glade of Narzan – Pyatigorsk”. Tourists travel between the cities by bus, while through the hard-to-reach areas they travel by foot or by a funicular. The distance covered by bus trip is 380 km, and about 0.5 km tourist travel by foot.

Peculiarities of the excursion

During the trip to Elbrus organized by our spa resort you’ll become acquainted with the most high-altitude region of the Central Caucasus – the vicinity of the Mt. Elbrus. Using funiculars, you’ll ascend to the shoulders of the Mount Cheget and then get to Elbrus reaching the altitude above the sea level equal to 3,500 meters. Our guide will tell you about the history of this area and its colonization – first by ancient tribes and then by Russian pioneers. He will introduce the guests into the history of ascent of the great Caucasian peaks and the most heroic period in the history of Elbrus – the Great Patriotic War. This was the place of the world’s highest battle line. You will learn about the great deeds of Soviet soldiers and how they defeated dangerous German hunters. And, of course, you’ll enjoy splendid landscapes of snowy summits, deep valleys and gorges cutting through a lofty countryside.

To specify the prices on the travel to Elbrus or to confirm the voucher for this touristic route, we kindly ask you to contact us by phone 8 (928) 375-47-07 or 8 (903) 415-72-54.

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