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Excursions around Upper Balkaria

One of the most picturesque regions of the North Caucasus is Balkaria. Marvelous nature and rich history of the region make it a place of tourist attraction, a sports resort and a nice spot to travel in. The spa resort “Mashuk aqua-Therm” offers interesting excursions around Upper Balkaria with a professional guide.


Balkaria is a historical and geographical region of rise and development of the Balkars located in the foothills of the Central Caucasus in the basins of the rivers Malka, Chegem, Cherek and Baksan. This high-mountain area is famous for its unusual and varied relief and rich in natural sites. The most famous of the latter include the Mount Elbrus enlisted among the 7 highest summits in the world as well as several peaks with the altitude around 5,000 meters, for example, Dykh-Tau, Koshtan – Tau or Jangi – Tau. The Balkarian territory is also the place of location of the well-known mountain group Bezengi Wall, a popular place among sportive climbers. Besides the peaks, the natural sites of this locality also include broad glaciers and snow fields: Azau, Itkol, Terskol, Cheget.

Route details

The excursion around the Upper Balkaria has the following route: Pyatigorsk – Baksan – the loop road around Nalchik – the spa resort area of Nalchik – park – Urvan – Kashkhatau – Lake Goluboe (“Blue Lake”) – settlement Upper Balkaria – Aushiger ­– Pyatigorsk. The key way of travel between populated areas is bus travel (360 km). Hard-to-reach areas in the mountains are covered by foot or by a funicular. Total duration of the excursion is 12 hours.

Briefly about the excursion

During the excursion around Upper Balkaria you’ll get acquainted with architecture and cultural sites of Nalchik – the capital as well as the scientific, industrial and cultural center of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. Our guide will tell tourist about its history and the contemporary period. You’ll also visit the karst Lake Goluboe – one of the deepest lakes in the world. It is located at the entry to a lofty narrow of the Central Caucasus – Zylgi. Passing through two tunnels, you’ll get in the Sun Valley – an ancient motherland of local tribes the history of which can be traced by numerous towers, crypts, ruins of the mountain villages. Here is the place of location of the settlement with a rich history – Upper Balkaria.

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