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Instrumental Therapy

The spa resort "Mashuk Aqua-Therm" offers its guests to take instrumental therapy for rejuvenation and elimination of a number of cosmetic problems.



Ultrasound peeling

(cleaning + makeup removal)

Soft peeling of old

keratinized cells, pore cleaning

Bruch-peeling - instrumental peeling

Deep burning, bactericidal



Rhytide effacement, enhancement of

blood and lymph circulation

Ultrasound massage

Deep saturation with vitamins,

minerals, skin moisturizing

Ultrasound phonophoresis

serum tapping

Rhytide effacement, lifting, 

increase of skin


Stimulation current therapy

Blood circulation improvement.

Refreshes face colour and has

a lymph drainage effect

Ultrasound phonophoresis

This procedure includes injection of curative cosmetic medicines with ultrasound in the deep skin layers. This procedure is prescribed if there are problems of lymph efflux and local blood circulation causing facial and neck swelling, skin withering and wrinkle appearance. Ultrasound phonophoresis rejuvenates, moisturizes and cleans skin. To perform ultrasound phonophoresis, doctors use only medicines that were selected in an individual way. After the procedure one can observe a faster regeneration, decrease of swelling, relief of pain and anti-inflammatory action. Besides, the procedure improves skin absorption properties thus facilitating intensive action of medicines. A rejuvenating effect is increased due to micro-heating of tissues, better oxygen supply and skin and muscle nutrition.

Ultrasound peeling

This is a cosmetic procedure consisting in surface skin peeling with the help of ultrasound. Due to sound waves of specific intensity and length, one's face experience micromassage helping to eliminate such defects as enlarged pores, acne, greasy luster, loose skin and other aesthetic problems. The procedure provides for the fastest possible visible result and doesn't traumatize skin.

Ultrasound massage

Ultrasound facial massage consists in ultrasound wave influence on the problem skin areas which has a beneficial effect on its state. The procedure does not cause unpleasant feelings. The high-frequency ultrasound waves provide a high-speed massage for tissues thus giving a peeling effect. All greasy particles and toxins go to lymphatic channels and are removed from the body. The skin cleaned from toxins starts an increased generation of a necessary collagen which results in skin elasticity and cared-for appearance.


Darsonvalization represents a cosmetic procedure consisting in influence of high-frequency signals on the facial skin. This procedure facilitates skin cleaning from acne, improvement of metabolism, rhytide effacement and skin elasticity improvement. Slags are removed from the body, swelling is decreased, local inflammatory processes in tissues are stopped. Moreover, cell regeneration becomes faster which provides rejuvenation and increases skin elasticity.

To specify prices for ultrasound therapy, including instrumental massage, please, address the specialists of the spa resort "Mashuk Aqua-Therm". Just call the free number 8-800-200-96-95. If you take care of your beauty and want to make your skin look healthy, take a procedure of instrumental massage as well as other pleasant and useful procedures provided at our spa resort.

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