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Body care programmes

Our today's way of life characterized by nutrition disorders, stresses due to nervous overload, lack of movement and sleep has a bad influence on human beauty and health. Very often it results in cellulite, edemas, skin irritation and flaking, allergies, etc. You have and opportunity to make an appointment for professional care performed by high-qualified doctors at the spa resort "Mashuk Aqua-Therm".

When you can ask us for help

It is recommended to take a body care course if you have the following problems.

Premature aging. Under the influence of everyday stress, external and internal factors (sunlight, polluted air, malnutrition, etc.) skin can manifest signs of premature aging. These signs include sagging, laxity, unhealthy skin colour, elasticity decrease, worse regeneration. Unlike true aging, such signs can be eliminated with the help of nutritious, moisturizing and calming action on the skin provided by massage, wrapping, creams, oils and other means.

Cellulite. This cosmetic problem is one of the most wide-spread defects women face. Cellulite develops because of microcirculation violation and lymph flowing out into tissues of subcutaneous fat which leads to its dystrophy and subsequent fibrosis. Externally, it manifests as edemas and small dimples that make skin look like orange peel and not very attractive. Massage procedures, wrapping, cedar barrels can decrease its manifestations.

Pollution. Dust, sweat, city smog and some other factors gradually result in accumulation of toxic combinations and slags in the skin and on its surface. They not only cause deterioration of physical appearance but can also result in such conditions as rash, flaking, reddening, etc. To overcome this problem, our spa resort provides massage procedures and peeling with the use of natural oils, ointments and creams on their basis.

To order the body care course, please, address our consultants calling the number given in the Contacts tab.

Programme name


Lipo-stress (ERICSON)

Facilitates improvement of skin tone, tightness and elasticity.

Line "Body"

JANSSEN (Germany)

Anti-cellulite effect.

Procedure "Seaweed Leave Wrapping"


Skin elasticity improvement.

Chocolate massage with Standars peeling

A bitter chocolate fragrance makes one feel relaxed, oils intensively soften and nourish one's skin. Suitable for people who needs the anti-stress programme for their body and soul.

Chocolate massage without Standars peeling

Massage with herbal balls Relax

At your choice, massage can be relaxing or toning. Balls are full with warmth, herbs that indulge your feelings giving you a romantic modd and delight.

Massage with herbal balls - toning

Peeling (sugar, salt)

It is recommended before each body care procedure, including massage procedures. Facilitates uniform tanning.

Rose Fragrance care procedure (peeling+massage)

The procedure includes: scrubbing of the body with rose peeling (including rose petals) and lymph drainage massage with the rose oil.

Strawberry dessert for your body

The procedure includes: scrubbing of the whole body with strawberry peeling and lymph drainage massage on the strawberry oil

Lavender relaxing care

Body peeling with scrub containing lavender flowers and lymph drainage massage with the lavender oil.

Hand/leg skin care with fragrance oils  Shea

Intensive moisturizing with the help of masks of Shea butter returns elasticity to hand and leg skin, smoothes skin and eliminates dryness.

Wrapping "Slim contur" with lifting effect


Hot wrappings resulting in lifting and smoothing of skin in problem areas.

Express programme "Lymph Drainage"


Makes figure sizes smaller and smoothes skin relief.

Cedar barrel (Switzerland)

Anti-cellulite care, cleaning of the body from slags, edema decrease.

Seaweed wrapping     

Do want to give your body a true pleasure, bath it in comfort and get rid of cellulite? Then, seaweed leave wrapping is your way of body sculpt!

The procedure "Seaweed leave wrapping" not only significantly improves appearance and enhances your general health but also serves as a great anti-stress and relaxing method.

Seaweed wrapping procedure guarantees:

  • active splitting of fat depots;
  • cellulite reduction;
  • skin cell lifting and regeneration;
  • skin tone and tightness rehabilitation;
  • general metabolic regulation;
  • detoxification and relaxation (relaxation, stress relief);
  • varicose veins prevention.

Black cherry wrapping – beauty ritual for body sculpt and skin elasticity rehabilitation intended at both lifting and reduction of the corrected area size. 

Ritual programme: 

  • Body peeling with tender cherry stones;
  • Activator application;
  • Mud mask with black cherry essence and set of mineral salts;
  • Finishing body cream;

Tea ceremony

What can be better than having a cup of fragrant herbal tea after arelaxing procedure? You can have rest after the procedure and recover your mind at the comfortable atmosphere of our SPA.

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