Sanatorium complex Mashuk Aqua-Therm
Stavropol region, Zheleznovodsk city
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Other SPA procedures




Paraffin therapy

Moisturizing, nutrition, elimination of skin flaking and tightness, lifting effect.

Sun parlour

Horizontal sun parlour allows relaxation and rest during the sunbathing session.

Health-promoting spa capsule "SanSpektra" 

A comprehensive action on the body is provided with a dry heat up to 82 degrees, full-spectrum and monochromatic light, photostimulation, aroma inhalations, vibration massage, melotherapy (music  stimulation) - powerful sensor healing factors.

Infrared sauna

Helps to deeply clean skin pores, remove toxins and chemical wastes, relax and calm down nerves, lose weight.

Hot hand care (STENDERS)

Protects hand skin from influence of dangerous factors, deep skin nutrition.

Cedar barrel

Helps to get rid of the chronic fatigue syndrome, clean the body from slags; increases skin elasticity making it look young and helps to fight with cellulite; recovers and strengthens the nervous system.

Papilloma coagulation (1  pc.)

One of the best methods for papilloma and verruga removal on any part of the body including one's face (please, consult a beauty doctor before taking a procedure).

Verruga coagulation - up to 5 mm (1 pc.)

Verruga coagulation- from 5 mm (1 pc.)



SPA  - capsule
SPA - capsule is a new approach to a healthy lifestyle.

SPA capsule leaves unforgettable impressions.

You will quickly recover your energy and relax. There are several SPA capsules: programmes for weight loss and slag removal (result of infrared wave action), anti-cellulite programme, antistress programmes, lymph drainage programmes, Vichy's douche, contrast shower.

SPA capsule has a range of full health-promoting and rejuvenating procedures. Procedures in combination with fragrance oils in the SPA capsule will make your mood and health better.

Facial care procedures:

Manual mechanical face cleaning

Manual mechanical face cleaning is a cosmetic procedure that will help to clean the skin from contaminating agents and cellular debris as well as to clean sweat glands.

This is a process of a manual deep skin cleaning.

During the procedure cellular debris are scrubbed, inflammatory elements are removed, blood circulation and skin metabolic processes are stimulated which results in regulation of sweat gland work.

After the cosmetic procedure your skin will be clean and radiant.

Hamam  is a Turkish math that incorporated the most ancient traditions. Mystic rituals will immerse you in the Oriental atmosphere that calms down and recovers stamina. A variety of beauty rituals in hamam enables one to select care suitable for a particular skin type.

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