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Body massage

The spa resort "Mashuk Aqua-Therm" offers its guests to have massage at an affordable price. Depending on your objectives, you can choose any of the following techniques.



Lymph drainage massage

Lymph circulation improvement. Regulation of the work of the lymphatic system, cleaning of lymph nodes from toxic substances and slags, elimination of edemas and weight loss.

Thai feet massage

Feet point massage and along the energy meridians. Ideal for leg revitalizing, stress relief, treatment of hypertension, headaches and insomnia.

Anti-cellulite massage

Deep penetration into subcutaneous fat and a fantastic lymph drainage effect.

Seaweed leave body massage

Facilitates skin turgor recovery. Seaweed has a detoxification effect. Bee wax "polishes" skin.

Stone massage

Relaxation and health improvement method influencing energy channels of your body. The lymph drainage effect is provided by hot semiprecious stones.

Burman massage

Massage of the neck and collar area. Facilitates stress relief and treats headaches, gives self-confidence.

Hawaiian massage NEW DAN (back)

The massage technique combines intense lymph drainage and deep muscle kneading.

Brasilian massage NEW DAN

(buttocks, legs)

Designated for anti-cellulite effect, involves use of bamboo sticks.

Thai feet massage

Thai feet massage is ideal for leg health promotion, stress reduction, insomnia and hypertension treatment. Positive influence on the body is guaranteed by means of stimulation of active points located at the feet surface. Specialists are sure that such stimulation triggers work of the organ linked to this point on the reflex level. Due to such massage, one’s body’s general well-being is improved. The procedure is performed with fingers and a special small wooden stick made of teak applying special oils and creams. As a result, you feel a sense of great inner comfort and relax.

Brazilian massage NEW-DAN

This procedure is considered to be truly exotic. It is intended for electrical muscle stimulation and cellulite removal alongside with excess fat from hips. The method uses shock and vibration technique performed with hands at a frequency of 200-600 beats per minute. Certified specialists of the spa resort "Mashuk Aqua-Therm" perform all necessary manipulations to improve your body relief, make your skin elastic and reduce the size of your hips. To intensify the produced effect, bamboo brooms and rollers are used. The key peculiarity of this type of massage is a so-called "Brasilian butt" effect obtained as a result.

Hawaiian massage Lomilomi NEW-DAN

This procedure has a great antistress action. An important factor is a client state of mind as he or she shall perceive this technique as a ritual and a way of interaction with Supreme forces. The method combines a differentiated influence on subcutaneous fat and deep muscle kneading and lymph drainage. Massage promotes body rehabilitation, improves blood circulation and relaxes muscles. As a result, a person gets rid of edema, fatigue and stress, his/her metabolic processes are regulated while lymph cleaning results in immunity improvement.

Lymph drainage massage

Lymph drainage is a procedure intended for removal of excess liquid from adipose tissues. The method is used for managing fat depots, cellulite, tissue distrophy, microcirculation violation and a natural aging process. Lymph drainage is aimed at removal of decomposition products from cells, excess liquid removal, speeding up of lymph circulation; it results in improvement of tissue supply with useful substances and oxygen, significantly enhances metabolism and, as a result, leads to weight loss.

Anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage is the basis of skin beauty and health. Due to soft and flexible moves of a massage therapist cellulite areas are reduced, micro-circulation is improved, toxins are removed from the adipose tissue while the thickness and depth of subcutaneous fat depots. Fat starts to split faster due to specific lipolytic kneading. As a result, skin looks smooth and elastic.

Seaweed leave massage

This procedure will be not only useful for your body but also very pleasant. Seaweed leave massage improves lymph circulation resulting in faster removal of metabolic waste products and toxins. The body receives more oxygen and nutrition. Regular sessions of seaweed leave massage remove excess of intercellular fluid that is one of the reasons of cellulite occurrence. The procedure also facilitates edema reduction and elimination, recovering of a healthy structure of subcutaneous tissue and muscle tissue and skin turgor improvement. As a result, you look young and attractive.

Stone massage

The stone massage is a special procedure involving use of semi-precious stones. The technique is based on the thermal therapy method, i.e. interchange of cold and hot stones. The procedure relaxes muscles, intensifies metabolic processes, facilitates development of mental balance and physical comfort. All these effects are brought about by means of vascular distention. Metabolic products are removed faster from the body. Vegetative nervous system work is regulated, muscle pains decrease and respiratory and immune systems grow strong while bad consequences of physical and psychological overload and chronic fatigue are eliminated. The procedure is intended for a general improvement of the body well-being and stamina.

Burman massage

The Burman massage is a procedure aimed at overcoming of an excess muscular tension and fatigue. The peculiarity of the technique is that a specialist makes easy and chaotic motions along an unpredictable trajectory holding a client head during an hour. It promotes relaxation of neck muscles which is not common for everyday life as they remain tense even during sleep. Besides passive chaotic motions, specialists apply different methods of influence on biologically active points and kneading. This massage makes one's hair stronger and prevents their loss.

Specialists of the spa resort "Mashuk Aqua-Therm" are ready to do the massage of your body according to any of the described methods. You just need to know what result you want to get and we select a suitable technique. To learn prices for the body massage and to sign up for a procedure, please, call a free number 8-800-200-96-95.

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