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Facial Care Procedures




Makeup removal

Makeup removal from eyes and face skin.


Preparation of skin for the procedure.

Mechanical manual face cleaning

Deep facial skin cleaning from "skin lumps", acne, dark spots.

Alginate mask

Moisturizing, nutrition, lifting, facial contour modelling.

Collagen  sheet JANSSEN 

Moisturizing, rhytide effacement lifting.

Collagen  sheet ERICSON

Gel mask "Aloe Vera"

Pore opening, elimination of skin irritation and reddening.

Therm-modelling gypsum mask

Anti Age, lifting, facial contour modelling.


Skin rejuvenation, rhytide effacement. 60 minutes. 

Alginate mask

The alginate mask suits for all skin types.

The key objective of the procedure is achievement of a permanent lifting effect.

The alginate mask is made on the basis of the alginic acid contained in sea weed. It is a gel the layer of which dries on the skin surface creating a film nonpermeable for moisture and air.

The alginate mask is capable of permeating the tiniest skin cavities and having a beneficial action. It helps to fix the facial contour, removes the double chin and smoothes wrinkles. The mask makes the face skin more elastic, softens it and prevents appearance of new wrinkles.

Collagen sheet

Collagen sheet is one of the types of facial rejuvenating masks used for fighting with skin aging process.

Collagen protein included into the mask composition is virtually a skin building material. Due to age changes, collagen synthesis decreases and thus, it is necessary to supply it by external means.

The effect of the collagen sheet is that it bonds and retains water in the skin which results in formation of an air-proof and water retention film on the skin surface providing for moisturizing and lifting effect on your skin.


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