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Endosphere Therapy

Endosphere therapy is a modern health-promoting and cosmetic procedure designated for weight loss, cellulite treatment and elimination of corresponding problems (skin laxity, venous stasis, edemas, etc.) as well as facilitating fast muscle rehabilitation after intensive physical load. Treatment is conducted with an innovative device developed by Italian scientists.

Operating principle

Body parts are influenced by a special handpiece consisting of rotating and vibrating silicone microspheres. Instrumental massage puts a fluctuation pressure on tissues that activates limph and blood circulation and destroying fat depots.

Indications for endosphere therapy

Endosphere therapy is recommended in the following cases:

  • to fight overweight and cellulite, including the fibrotic stage;
  • to model body contours and remove excess subcutaneous fat depots in the problem areas;
  • to eliminate slack and stretched skin (after pregnancy and delivery, due to fast weight loss);
  • to treat venous stasis and edemas (in case of thrombophlebitis absence);
  • to rehabilitate muscles after excessive workout;


Endosphere therapy has minimum contraindications which is explained by the fact of damaging effect absence and the maximum procedure safety. Power of compression and vibration influence is regulated depending on the procedure objectives, the problem severity and patient individual feelings.

However, there is a number of general contraindications for this therapy including:

  • thrombophlebitis (to avoid thrombus detachment);
  • pregnancy as endosphere influence on the fetus and the pregnant woman body hasn't been thoroughly studied yet;
  • any acute diseases (infectious, somatic) and chronic pathologies in their active stages;
  • cancers;
  • skin diseases (atopic eczema in its active stage, herpetic fever, psoriasis, fungal infection, eczema, other allergic or infectious rash, skin damage).


The unique method of endosphere use results in the following.

  • Lymph circulation activating facilitates removal of excess liquid from tissues which allows edema eliminating, decrease of subcutaneous fat layer and problem area sizes.
  • Due to improvement of microcirculation, metabolic processes are activated. Fat depots are dissolved faster; skin receives nutrient chemicals, oxygen and becomes elastic.
  • Compression vibration influences the adipose tissue that becomes weaker and then is destroyed under pressure.
  • The lymph flow takes away toxins including lactic acid accumulated during intense physical activity and causing pains and weakness.
  • The positive effect of endosphere therapy is enhanced by personal impressions that manifest in the feeling of easiness and relaxation.

Procedure arrangement and cost

This therapy type can be recommended as a separate procedure or be applied in combination with other health-promoting procedures. If treatment includes use of endosphere, the price will depend on the treatment course duration as well as on the necessity of taking some procedures and their scope. On average, the obvious effect is felt after 6 sessions already: weight loss (minus 1-2 sizes), decrease of cellulite manifestation, correction of problem areas and skin tightening. In some cases, it is necessary to take a course of 12 procedures. Further, to preserve the achieved results and to progress, it is important to keep a healthy lifestyle. Besides, it is desirable to repeat prevention sessions once or twice in a month.

To sign up for a treatment course, specify the peculiarities of the therapy with the use of endosphere and learn the cost of the procedure, please, call the numbers given in the Contacts tab.


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