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Depilation and sugaring

Contemporary vision of the body beauty (especially concerning female beauty) stipulates for a virtually absent hair in the area of bikini, underarms, on arms, legs and face. A smooth and clean skin is believed to be the sign of neatness, self-respect, increase efficiency of social interaction and improves the quality of sexual life. At the spa resort "Mashuk Aqua-Therm”, you can have a professional, safe and painless depilation procedure with wax or sugar paste.

Methods of hair removal at the spa resort "Mashuk-Aqua-Therm"

In everyday life the most common method to remove hair is shaving. However, as a rule, this procedure has no a long-term effect. Besides, shaving often irritates and cuts skin which negatively influences the skin appearance and its health. Specialists of the spa resort "Mashuk Aqua-Therm" offer the following hair removal methods as professional and most efficient alternatives:

Sugaring. This procedure has been known to the mankind since the Ancient Egypt times and consists in removal of hair with the help of a viscous sugar paste (caramel). The advantages of this method is hypoallergenicity, low injury rate, absence of  skin itching and a relative painlessness. To remove hair with the sugaring method, one needs to make the paste of a necessary consistence, cool it to the acceptable temperature (but be careful, the paste shall be yielding), then roll over the problem area and sharply remove with hair.

Wax depilation. This procedure has much in common with sugaring but here a fast-set wax is used instead of  a sugar paste. This method is considered to be the most efficient as guarantees virtually full hair removal with their bulbs, and due to this fact, its recurrent growth is significantly slowed. To make wax depilation, one needs to warm it up until it becomes viscous, spread over the skin area, wait for its setting and the remove sharply with hair coat.

Depilation cost

Cost of sugaring or wax depilation depend on the following factors:

  • total area of depilated skin covers - it determines the necessary paste quantity which influences the sugaring cost;
  • problem area complexity: thus, cost of leg depilation will be lower than cost of bikini area depilation.

If you want to know the cost of leg depilation as well as other body areas, or to make an appointment for this procedure, please, call the number from the Contacts tab.


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