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Facial care programmes

Facial skin health has a vital importance for every human. Its cared-for look, neatness and cleanness makes good impression on people and facilitates more efficient social interaction. The complex "Mashuk Aqua-Therm" gives you an opportunity to have a professional face care at the spa resort under supervision of high-qualified dermatologists.

Indications for skin care at the spa resort "Mashuk Aqua-Therm"

Specialists of our spa resort offers facial procedures to eliminate of reduce manifestations of the following conditions and phenomena,

Aging changes. Over the years and due to external factor influence (solar emission, atmosphere pollution, dust, etc.) as well as natural aging, the face surface loses its elasticity, cell regeneration deteriorates. Skin becomes fragile and changes its colour. As a result, aging changes take place: wrinkles, slagging, pigment spots and other unpleasant visual signs. In this case facial care includes application of special cosmetic methods promoting skin smoothing, lifting, relief smoothing and skin colour adjustment, stimulation of cell regeneration, etc.

Nutrition disorders. Skin health directly depends on the quantity and quality of substances passing from the body during nutrition. Consequently, lack of some or other elements weakens skin resistance to external influences and deteriorates cell regeneration and tone. It can manifest in the form of skin colour change, acne, reddening, flaking, etc. To overcome these symptoms, we use nourishing and moisturizing creams, masks, cleaning mixtures and other products facilitating saturation of skin with necessary substances.

Skin damage. During the work day and recreation skin of every human suffers from action of various external factors like solar emission, polluted city air,water, mechanical irritants, etc. Its intensive and continuous influence can result in flash burn, flaking,  To eliminate these defects, we usually use a range of calming, rehabilitating and nutritional products - creams, masks, etc.

To take a skin care and treatment course at our spa resort complex, please, use information provided in the "Contacts" tab.

ERICSON (France)

Meso-Vit Programme - mesotherapy alternative

Powerful skin lifting and tightening, moisturizing and nutrition.

Supreme DHE.Age Programme - intense rejuvenating effect 

Instant lifting, rhytid effacement face contour improvement. Skin nutrition and moisturizing.

BOTU "VIP" Programme -

good botox alternative

Efficient  effacement of dynamic rhytids, moisturizing lifting, skin elasticity improvement.

DERMA-CALM Programme - sensitive skin care

Elimination of flaking, inflammations, aging prevention.

PURE-BIOTIC Programme - greasy skin care

Deep facial skin cleaning, pore contraction, getting rid of inflammations and acne, moisturizing.

BIO-OPTIC Programme - eye skin care

Reduction of edemas and "black eyes", moisturizing, rhytid effacement, recovery of tone and elasticity of a thin lid skin.

FEMINITY Programme - skin youth

Rehabilitation of hormone skin balance, moisturizing, anti-aging and premature aging effects.


Care and moisturizing of a sensitive and dry skin.

JANSSEN (Germany)

Lifting care

Instant lifting, effacement of rhytids appeared because of skin dryness. Skin moisturizing and nutrition.

Moisturizing care

First aid for a dehydrated skin: intense moisturizing. Rhytide effacement, enhancement of skin elasticity.

Refreshing care with Aha acids

Moisturizing, cleaning, relief effacement and skin colour adjustment.

Sensitive Skin - line for a sensitive skin

Elimination of skin irritation, inflammation and reddening. Moisturizing, nutrition.

Atraumatic face cleaning

Deep cleaning, moisturizing. Skin tone adjustment, skin elasticity and tone improvement.

Dr. Grandel (Germany)


An optimum way to endow your skin with energy, fresh feeling and shining  60 minutes.

Mature male skin care

Facilitates cell regeneration keeping your skin beautiful and healthy for a long time. 90 minutes. 

Anti-aging care with the lifting effect.

Moisturizing, rhytid effacement, lifting. 90 minutes. 


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